Create Your Own Custom

With our new customiser feature, you can now create your own 1 of 1 custom sneakers! Whether you're a fan of the iconic Nike Air Force 1, Air Jordans, or the Air Max trainer, you now have the power to create a pair that truly reflects your personal style. This is the perfect way to create something completely unique that no one else has!


Have you always wanted a custom colourway, but Nike have never dropped it? With our 'Create Your Own Colourway' customizer, you choose your paint colour and one of our artists will match it exactly to ensure your sneakers perfectly align with your outfit or specific branding colours. Hand paint the panels of your choice, add dyed laces or inner sock for a unique touch. The level of customisation is up to you, whether you want something super bold or more simplistic and sleek. Try creating your own colourway here (available on a variety of base shoes!)


Not only can you choose the panel colour of your shoes, but you can also create a custom material using our ‘Create Your Own Cut & Sew’ customizer. Our swatch board gives you a wide variety of materials to choose from, or you can upload your own! So, if there’s a specific print or pattern or even an image you’d like printed and added to your sneakers, we can print it in-house exactly as you’ve designed and cut, glue and sew it to the shoe, making it 100% durable. Whether it's a photo that holds special meaning to you or a design that you've created yourself, you can now turn your sneakers into a work of art. Try creating your own cut & sew custom here (available on a variety of base shoes!)


If you're wanting to create a design from scratch with few limitations, the 'Create Your Own Freestyle' feature on our website will help you to do this! Here you can colour panels in with full colour, upload patterns or images, or choose from the materials provided, to create a custom completely unique to you. Why limit yourself to what everyone else is wearing when you can create absolutely anything! Try creating your own 1 of 1 custom here (available on a variety of base shoes!)


Hand crafted custom trainers are not just a perfect gift for him, for her, or even yourself, but they also showcase a thoughtful and personal touch. With a wide variety of designs, colours, and materials to choose from, you can create a pair of unforgettable sneakers! You can design it for them, or if you're unsure about the design process or want to give the recipient the freedom to choose, opt for a gift card! This not only allows them to design their own trainers but also gives them the creative license to create something they've always wanted. View our gift guide here to buy the perfect Christmas present they won't forget!




If you find yourself uncertain about where to begin and have a rough idea of what you want but are unsure how to create it using the customiser, we do also offer a mock up service for a £30 non-refundable deposit. This is a collaborative process between you and our design team where you give us your initial idea and we mock it up for you! We will make as many amendments to the design as needed until you’re happy with the final outcome and are ready to place the order! So, for those of you wanting to be creative but are unsure how, this is another option to allow you to create your own 1 of 1 custom kicks! 


Need some help designing it? Get in touch!

Frequently asked questions

Yes, we provide mock ups for you to approve before customising for a non-refundable deposit of £30. This deposit will then be deducted from your final payment when you place your order.

No, but a fully formed idea would help, or please send us any of the below:

  • Images
  • A theme
  • Idea of base shoe
  • Colour palette
  • Anything we've previously made

Our customer service team are at hand to guide you through your order.

There isn't much that we can't do! It can be as little as a name or logo, all the way to patterns, assets and highly detailed portraits.

If you'd like to view a step by step guide on how to use our customiser, you can use the tutorial videos provided on each customiser page. Alternatively read our step by step blog here.